60s in Paris

1st set of my crappy lo-rez scans

Lainie Kazan

seen her in Lady in Cement (1968) I think.

Babe & Ape


la Dénonciation (1960)

french movie about a far-right leader killed in a club and the main witness is a former WW2 resistant Jean Ronet. Okay the screenshots are reflecting my taste...

None but the Brave

VCD bought in HK. Forgotten KF flick with Cheng Pei Pei.

L'homme, l'orgueil & la vengeance

it's CARMEN with a Spaghetti Western twist. With Klaus Kinski, Franco Nero and Tina Aumont.

Ammunition Hunter

a Taiwan DVD bought in Bangkok Chinatown. A typical story set in northern China in the 30s.