Illos SCI FI

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Brereton does Black Widow

Nocturnals fame Dan Brereton does Natasha Romanov aka the Black Widow. found @ comicvine

Vittorio Gassman

Brancaleone! Trintignant! Gassman! Dino Risi! Mario Monicelli! 60s italian movies best era! where's da friggin' DVD y'all ?!

Nun by Vargas

Steve Rude

Ororo aka Storm + emma frost aka the White Queen by the Dude. found @ comicvine.

ACE magazine

Girls in the Jungle

Liane 1957, Amazons 1954, Luana 1968. they don't make this kinda flick anymore... why?

Marvel Previews

70s b&w magazines from the House of Ideas : Black Widow + Daughters of the Dragon (Charlie's Angels go spy and kung-fu), Blade (blaxplo meets horror à la Blackula), Satana (a Vampirella/Exorcist rip-off), classic monsters Marvel manner and StarLord (space opera)