1970s black scene


a 1969-1972 french/belgian comic published in Le Journal de Tintin.
28 euros.

Ninja Hunter

Meanwhile in the mountains...


Daim, the famous german graffitti artist! expert in 3D.


with Angela Mao and Carter Wang.
Hapkido is the korean version of japanese Aikido.
a chinese VCD is available.

new italian books on cinema

Dagger (without Cloak)

a teenage runaway/junkie turned super heroine...


Will Eisner Inner City

mo' Marvel Martial Arts

from an early Luke Cage aka Power Man issue.


created in the 70s by Rich Butler, here comes the bad-ass cyborg DEATHLOK! from an alternate future with mutants, robots and cannibals! included here the John Byrne version, a complete robotized Deathlok. Seen recently in New Avengers, seemed destroyed but you never know in the MU...


dossier Kriminal

Flying Guillotine

nobody knows for sure what this secret weapon really looked like!

Girls & Cars B&W

found @ darkroastedblend.com ! thanx.

3 BB in B&W

SUPAIDAMAN (aka nippon spider man)

forget the VERY expensive and limited japanese DVD box!
get the cheapo thai lo-res badly dubbed VCD instead!


the british sci fi series UFO. Oddly less known than Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlett.

my muxtape

you wonder what's my sound, huh?


Jean Bell Playboy September 1969

no comment...

Zabriskie Point

Don't miss the finale!
the Pink Floyd tune is some kind of proto-dub...

内田文武 uchida fumitake