Teacher - Made in France

Pravda in Italy

Mainstream Nunsploitation

Lora Lamm


People see the face of Jesus anywhere but maybe it's Ali...

from early 60s to mid 60s

5-Man Army

Phil Henderson

Josef Muller Brockmann - Jessica Svendsen

La Donna Ragna / La Donna Tarantola

La Donna Ragna is an Italian publication about a sexual superheroine who receives her powers when a radioactive spider bites her in her genital area. The series had a reboot after only 10 issues, due to copyright concerns regarding Marvel's Spiderman, as La Donna Tarantola. Do whatever a spider-bitch can... found on comicvine.


Agent J

Agent K

sound matrix

John & Jane

G.I. Joes 1985

Go Go Boots Fetish