the music blog search engine Chewbone is down...
Anyone knows another one?


Anonymous said...

beemp3, elbo.ws

By the way, I totally love your blog, thanks for posting such excellent variety!

jhalal drut said...

thanks for the intel and the support.
i tried to mix all the cool stuff i like.

JumpManeJones said...
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JumpManeJones said...

A Woman anywhere that loves marvel
is Wifey material to me and you down
with Brother Voodoo& photo's
Of beautiful Women.....2dope!!!

JumpManeJones said...

And You LIKE Putney Swope....
I spent 350 on a og movie poster
a couple of years ago.Top 10
by far.this is some spooky eerie
ish me finding this blog.
If you like horror check out Def by tempation.or how about
Sugarhill(1974) both dope like this blog